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The Galatians and the Letter to the Galatians

Conference from 23-25. 08. 2021

Registration for a conference presentation: by May 31, 2021,

(for guests: 08/01/2021)

The conference is organized by the Szeged International Biblical Conference Foundation.

Conference patrons:

Dr. László Kiss-Rigó, Bishop of Szeged-Csanád, Prof. Dr. Szabolcs Szuromi em. Rector (PPKE), Prof. Dr. Balázs Lente Martos, member of the Pontifical Biblical Committee.


The letter of St. Paul to the Galatians is also seen as a draft of the letter to the Romans, and the experts certainly consider it an authentic letter from Paul. In a geographically and ethnically very complex community, in the background of the letter are the problems of the Christian mission that has already begun, the theoretical debates about different directions within the Christian community, as well as the relationship between the early Christian community and the Jewish diaspora community. The conference seeks primarily to examine the philosophical and historical facts behind the text of the letter.

We ask you to do the same in your presentation. But we are also interested in the reception of the letter in early Christian literature and the parallels of his theses, which are reflected in Hellenistic philosophy. Traditionally, every lecture at our conference is based on specific text analyzes, where the citation of secondary literature is expected.

For the conference, please give the Hungarian and German / English title of your presentation by email ( or enter it yourself in the Google spreadsheet on the conference website (http: // From November 19th, 2020 this will be possible for university lecturers who deal with the topic, and this registration option will be available until June 1st, 2021.

We ask all professionals who speak Hungarian as their mother tongue and who would like to give a lecture to send a short summary (1500 characters long) of their lecture in Hungarian and in a foreign language (German or English) to Mr. Benyik by email at the latest by 01.06.2021 to be sent. This summary should contain the title of the lecture (in two languages), the source texts and the main theses of the lecture. Non-Hungarians are requested to send the title and the summary of the lecture to Mr. Benyik in English or German.

A lecture at the conference lasts 20 minutes (the length of the written study is 25-30,000 characters with spaces), followed by a technical discussion lasting a maximum of ten minutes. If there is time, there is a so-called workshop every day at the conference, where everyone can take part in a discussion in a group of their own choosing, where the current speakers lead the conversation. The lecture can also be given in Hungarian, but then the speaker must give a summary or a Power Point presentation in German or English or provide a full text (without footnotes) for the audience.

We plan to publish the lectures given in August 2020 in English / German one year after the conference, i.e. in 2022, and to distribute this volume to around 70 universities. The deadline for submitting a print-ready text is November 19, 2021. (Publishing texts that are received after November 19 can be problematic). The audio material of the presentations and the written summaries will be published on the conference website.

In the studies, Hebrew, Greek, Syrian etc. words should be written in original or in Latin letters according to the scientific transcription. The publication of those texts that would exceed the specified length requires an extra discussion and editorial approval.

Those who are going to give a presentation at our conference for the first time should also send us their short scientific biography (max. 5000 characters), or if you can already find it on the Internet, a link to it along with a reference to your three provide major publications (books). Please also indicate your current academic degree and your job title.

We offer our speakers free board and lodging for the duration of the conference, as well as free participation in various cultural programs. Not all of these possibilities can automatically be offered for persons accompanying the speakers.


Please state your special wishes regarding the food by 01.06.2021.

The conference is open to the public, we also offer students registration for a reduced price.

In order to be able to guarantee a smooth organization, please give your arrival and departure dates by 01.06.2021 at the latest.

Szeged, October 19, 2020.


Dr. György Benyik PhD
Director SZNBK