Applying for lectures at a conference (Google sheet)


Sacrifice and ritual. From Abraham to Christ

The date of the conference

24th-26th August, 2020

Venue of the conference:

Szeged Dóm, Látogatóközpont (Votive Church of Szeged, Visitors’ Centre)

Deadline for subscription 

for our lecturers: 31st May 2020; for our guests: 1st August, 2020

The Biblical Conference in 2020 is organized by Szeged International Biblical Conference Foundation.

Patrons of the Conference:

Dr. György Jakubinyi, archbishop of Alba Iulia, Dr. Szeged-Csanád Diocesan László Kiss-Rigó, Prof. Dr. Szabolcs Szuromi rector emeritus (PPKE) Prof. Dr. Levente Balázs Martos, member of the Pontifical Biblical Institute.


The 52nd International Eucharistic Congress is going to be held in Hungary in 2020; at the same time, Protestant Churches are organizing a Conference of Communion. Szeged International Biblical Conference is expecting researchers of the Old and New Testaments, Historians of Antiquity and Patristics Experts to introduce us to the cultural history of rituals and sacrifices.

Lectures should be closely connected to some given text and secondary bibliography should also be included.


Four sections are available within the topic:

1. Biblical Sacrifices and Rituals in the Light of Religious Traditions of the Middle East.

2. The Interpretation of the Death of Jesus in the Scriptures of the New Testament.

3. The Last Supper of Jesus in the Documents of the New Testament and in Other Early Christian Scriptures.

Lecturers should apply for the conference by giving the title of their lecture in German/English via email ( or by typing it in the Google sheet that can be found on the homepage of the Szeged International Biblical Conference from 5th June, 2019. The period of subscription starts on the 6th June, 2019 and ends 1st May, 2020.

Please send the summary of your lectures in Hungarian and in a foreign language (German / English) to my e-mail address, up to a maximum of 1500 characters, by 15th June 2020 at the latest. The abstract should contain the title of the lecture (in two languages) and the source texts as well as the most important theses of the lecture. Foreign lecturers need to send the title of their lectures and the summary either in English or in German.

Apart from those of special guests, lectures should not exceed 20 minutes, which is followed by a brief and mainly professional debate (a maximum of 10 minutes). On each day of the Conference everyone can join in the debates organized in smaller groups and presided by the lecturers in the workshop section. One may also give their lecture at the conference in Hungarian. However, in this case the speaker must provide for a comprehensive summary in German or in English or should make a Power Point presentation or hand out the whole text without footnotes in one of the above languages. The lecturer should provide these on their own. 

We are planning to publish the lectures presented at the Conference in our conference volume in English/German, about one year after the conference (2021). The extension of the written study should be between 25.000 and 30.000 characters with spaces included. The Hungarian texts of the lectures and the summaries will be uploaded to the homepage of the Conference. The deadline for sending us the final version of the lecture is 26th November, 2020.

Please, make sure that the Hebrew, Greek, Syrian etc. words are transcribed in Latin according to scholarly transcription. The publication of texts arriving after the 26th of November, 2020 may be doubtful. In case your text extends the above mentioned length, it should be negotiated with and permitted by the editor.

Those who will be lecturers at our Conference for the first time should also send us their brief scholarly CVs or if it can be found on the internet, please send us the link  (it should not exceed 5.000 characters with spaces) mentioning their three most important publications (books) along. We would kindly ask you all to provide us with your scholarly title and your current workplace.

We offer free board and lodging for our lecturers for the time of the conference as well as participation in the cultural programmes free of charge. Persons accompanying our lecturers are not automatically catered for free of charge. Please, inform us as soon as possible and before 1st May, 2020 if you have any special requirement concerning meals.

The Conference is open to all; university students/ students of Theology may register with a discount.

Please help the organizers by making sure that you inform us about the exact date of your arrival and departure by 1st June, 2020 at the latest.

Szeged, 24th September, 2019


Dr. György Benyik
Director for SZNBK (Szeged International Biblical Conference)